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Since 1993, Lile Real Estate has been on a mission to connect quality land investments with the people who appreciate them. In the last five years alone, we surpassed $350 million in sales. You can be a part of that success story.

2022 Success Stories

Big Slash Hunting Club

A rare and unique opportunity property located in the heart of the Arkansas Delta, with a highly successful and well-managed hunting and farming operation, that is almost exclusively high fenced. Big Slash Hunting Club is located just 20 minutes from the town of Clarendon and minutes from the front gate of the Holly Grove Municipal Airport.

Of the 1,650 +/- total acres, the property offers 950 +/- acres of farmland in cultivation. Irrigation exists on nearly 100% of the cultivatable ground offering consistency in crop production. Rice, corn, and soybeans are in the rotation, with rice and corn especially supporting the waterfowl habitat post-harvest. Two 40,000 +/- bushel grain bins are present on the property.

The main lodge consists of eight bedrooms and five bathrooms, with a great room with its own kitchen, living area, and fireplace. Outside of the lodge is a 288 square foot mudroom, a 1,200 square foot farm shop to keep all hunting equipment including ATV’s/UTV’s, and a large 6,000 square foot covered storage area for larger equipment.

Fletcher Farm

The Fletcher Farm – 2,278.73 (+/-) acres in southeast Pulaski County just southwest of Scott, AR. This diverse farm is made up of bottomland timber, pine plantations, open pasture lands, a pecan orchard, wetlands/slough, lake and river frontage, and areas of sand deposited from historical river overflow. The land provides an excellent timber investment having 918 (+/-) acres of hardwood timber and 547.8 (+/-) acres in pine plantations.

The Fletcher Farm has significant and beautiful water features, which provide a positive influence, each distinctive, and offers many options for development. The land has approximately 11,000 (+/-) feet of frontage on the Arkansas River, 8,600 (+/-) feet of frontage on Georgetown Lake and 3,225 feet of frontage on Old River Lake. The land offers excellent recreational opportunities for deer, duck, and turkey hunting. Fishing and watersports are available via the Old River Lake, Georgetown Lake, and the Arkansas River.

This farm is full of history and was owned by the same family for 109 years! 

William and Mary Farm

The William & Mary Farm consists of approximately 692.0 +/- acres located in Jefferson County, Arkansas just northeast of the community of Sherrill. The farm consists of four (4) non-contiguous tracts, but they are all in close proximity to each other.

The Farm Service Agency office reports a total of 624.23 +/- cropland acres that are all irrigated by five wells and one re-lift, with the exception of the 25.46 tillable acre field located on the south tract. All of the tracts are accessed by private farm roads except for the south tract, which has frontage and access along Arkansas State Highway 31. The farm is located in an area with an excellent history for successful waterfowl hunting, with field hunting opportunities already existing on the farm.

2021 Success Stories

Dermott Farm

4,850 (+/-) acres located in Chicot and Drew Counties, Arkansas, south of the city of Dermott. The property offers a highly desirable investment grade farm with great soils, irrigation systems, and strong yield history in one contiguous property. The farm has a total of 4,228.37 tillable acres, all of which are irrigated with the exception of 12.36 acres. All of the tillable acreage has been precision leveled with a fall except for 45.37 acres. The irrigation system features 41 wells in addition to several re-lifts and a network of underground pipe. The farm is also located in an area known for good waterfowl hunting, situated just east of the Cut Off Creek Wildlife Management Area. The northern portion of the farm has a 400,000 bushel grain bin storage facility resting on 19 (+/-) acres.


Henderson Farm

The Henderson Farm consists of 2,901.14 (+/-) total surveyed acres in Jefferson County, Arkansas, just west of the town of Humphrey, and offers an excellent agricultural investment. The farm has a total of 2,687.83 tillable acres, all of which are irrigated. Of the tillable acreage, 925 acres have been leveled to a zero grade and 691 acres have been leveled with a fall. The farm is located in a major waterfowl flyway and is situated just northwest of the Bayou Meto Wildlife Management Area (WMA). In addition, the eastern 320 (+/-) acres borders the famous Circle T Hunting Club.


Aetna Ranchland

679.75 (+/-) acres of prime pasture located near the Aetna community in southeastern Sharp County. The property has approximately ¾ of a mile of frontage on Arkansas Highway 230. The property is cross-divided into three segments by county roads, and the segments are further cross-fenced, creating multiple divided pastures. Each segmented parcel contains viable, year-round ponds for stock water, and several live creeks provide additional livestock watering. The pasture is improved and has been well-maintained for many decades, featuring professionally installed fencing and cross-fencing, a 3,000 square foot hay barn, and other small containment corrals and sheds.

2020 Success Stories

Sanders Farm

1,040.20 +/- acres located in Jefferson County, Arkansas, just northwest of the town of Altheimer. The property offers an investment grade farm with great waterfowl hunting located less than 10 miles from the Bayou Meto Wildlife Management Area. The farm features 954.50 irrigated cropland acres that are all precision leveled with the exception of 98.38 acres. In addition, there is 120,000 bushels of grain storage on the farm that consists of three 40,000-bushel bins built-in 2014. We represented both the Buyer and Seller in this transaction.

Squareshooter Land Co., LLC

Squareshooter Land Co., LLC offers a recreational investment opportunity consisting of 523 +/- acres in four (4) non-contiguous tracts, located in Clay and Greene Counties, Arkansas. Three of these tracts are located on the south side of the Black River near the community of Brookings, and the fourth tract is located on the north side of the river near Reyno. All four of the tracts border the well-known Dave Donaldson Wildlife Management Area, which provides additional hunting opportunities.

Diantha West Farm

The Diantha West Farm consists of 712 (+/-) total acres, of which 653.27 (+/-) are in cultivation. The property is located in Jefferson County, Arkansas and offers an excellent agricultural and recreational investment opportunity. The farm is irrigated via six (6) wells and four (4) re-lifts and all are connected to an underground pipe system. There are two tail-water recovery systems and 535.77 (+/-) acres have been formed to zero-grade. Access is excellent via Arkansas Highway 79, E. Hartley Dump Road, and interior farm roads. There is a 3,000 (+/-) square foot equipment storage/shop. The property is located in an excellent duck hunting area and there is one (1) pit blind.

2019 Success Stories

Hornor Farm

864 +/- acre farm located just southeast of the town of Barton in Phillips County, Arkansas. All of the 826.67 tillable acres, with the exception of 40 acres, are irrigated by four (4) electric wells and five (5) diesel wells. The tillable acreage consists of silt loam soil which is excellent for the majority of row crops farmed in the Delta. The property includes a 5,000 +/- square foot farm shop and a 2,000 +/- square foot single-family home and offers duck and deer hunting opportunities. We represented the Seller in this transaction.

Stuttgart Bayou Meto Farm

935 +/- acres in Arkansas County, Arkansas located 5 miles west of the city of Stuttgart. This is a highly improved farm with an extensive irrigation system in place and a total of 780.41 tillable acres, all of which are irrigated. Of the irrigated tillable acres, approximately 348.74 acres have been leveled to a zero grade, 56.2 acres have been precision leveled with a fall, and 95.61 acres have had dirt pans on them and are considered improved row water. In addition, the property features a recently constructed 63 acre irrigation reservoir that has 2 new electric re-lifts that provide surface water to the central, eastern, and northeast portion of the farm. The property offers considerable recreational opportunities with part of the western portion of the farm bordering the famous Big Bayou Meto. We represented both the Buyer and Seller in this transaction.

Cache River Woods

495 +/- acres in Monroe County, Arkansas offering an excellent recreational investment opportunity with green timber duck hunting. The property is located between the Cache River and Bayou DeView flyways and bordered by the Cache River NWR on the east. It is approximately 1 mile from Dagmar WMA. We represented the Seller in this transaction.

2018 Success Stories

Bayou DeView Reserve

375 +/- total acres located in eastern Woodruff County, Arkansas. The property consists of two tracts separated by Arkansas Highway 145. The east tract is enrolled in the Wetland Reserve Program, which includes a moist soil unit, trees, water, and migratory bird habitat. The west tract extends to the center-line of Bayou DeView and encompasses 68 acres of bottomland timber within the area of Lost Lake. The property offers a timberland and recreational investment opportunity with great waterfowl hunting in addition to deer and small game hunting. We represented both the Buyer and Seller in this transaction.

Water Oaks

320 +/- acres located in Jefferson County, Arkansas offering a unique opportunity to acquire a property with green timber duck hunting and close proximity to the famous Bayou Meto WMA. In addition, the property has several well-known private clubs in close proximity, including Prairie Wings, Stick Pond and Circle T. We represented both the Buyer and Seller in this transaction.

Rieger Farm

775.13 +/- total acres, including 715 +/- tillable acres, located in the heart of the Grand Prairie, Arkansas. The property offers a highly improved, prime agricultural farm with an extensive irrigation system, a profitable lease in place, and duck hunting opportunities. The property also features excellent access via paved road and excellent soils for growing rice, soybeans, corn and wheat. Improvements include a house, hunting lodge, two shops, and nine duck hunting pits. We represented both the Buyer and Seller in this transaction.

Chicot Land Company Farmland

1,000 +/- total acres in two noncontiguous tracts comprised of quality farmland located in Chicot County, Arkansas in the heart of the Arkansas delta. Both tracts offer excellent access, soils and irrigation capabilities. The closest city hub is Lake Village, which is known for its deep rooted agricultural based community. The property features excellent waterfowl opportunities and is located in a well-known flyway. We represented both the Buyer and Seller in this transaction.

2017 Success Stories

Center Ridge Ranch

891.0 acres in Conway County, Arkansas, primarily in hay fields and pasture land. The property is a highly improved “turn-key” cattle operation and has several ponds and timberland providing high-quality recreational opportunities such as fishing and deer and turkey hunting. We represented both the Buyer and Seller in this transaction.

Little Siberia

907-acre historic hunting and fishing club in Arkansas County, Arkansas providing some of the finest waterfowl hunting, whitetail deer hunting and trophy fishing that Arkansas has to offer with over 2.5 +/- miles of frontage along the famous Big Bayou Meto. The property also featured a 4,500 sq.ft. main lodge with views of the legendary Rogers reservoir. We represented the Buyer in this transaction.

Decoy Farm

477.6 +/- total deeded acres located northeast of the community of Humnoke in Lonoke County, Arkansas offering an investment-grade agricultural operation combined with excellent green timber duck hunting, deer hunting, and trophy bass fishing. We represented the Buyer in this transaction.

2016 Success Stories

C.H. Triplett Company Farms

6,724.99 total acres located in Jefferson and Lonoke Counties, Arkansas offering exceptional agricultural and recreational investment opportunities. The property was sold via sealed bid, offered either as a whole, as 14 divisible tracts, or as a combination thereof. We represented the Seller, and placed 97% of the acreage with ten different investors.

Cache Drain Hunting Club

1,110 acres of exceptional recreational lands located in Woodruff County, Arkansas offering year-round recreational opportunities including unsurpassed greentimber mallard duck hunting, outstanding white-tailed deer hunting, and excellent fishing. The property is adjoined on the north and west by the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge. We represented both the Buyer and the Seller in this transaction. This was an exceptionally rare offering that many would consider a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Brown/Young Family Timberland

2,376.16 total timberland acres offered for sale via sealed bid being located in Saline, Garland, and Pulaski counties, Arkansas. The lands offered were of a unique mix consisting of investment grade timberland, recreational tracts along the Saline River, and numerous residential development opportunities. We successfully divested the bulk of these lands in multiple transactions.

2015 Success Stories

HIPP Timberland

This property features 4,438 total timberland acres sold via sealed bid being located in Cleburne, Izard, and Stone counties, Arkansas. These lands offered both investment and recreational opportunities. We successfully liquidated the entire package in seventeen total transactions to maximize the seller’s return.

Belcher Lake Farms

This property is 1,000 total acres and is located in Lonoke and Prairie Counties, Arkansas along Two Prairie bayou. Belcher Lake is one of the oldest and most historic duck hunting clubs on the prairie, dating back to the early 1900’s. This was a stock sale to a private investor, where we represented the sellers.

Cedar Lakes

This property is 1,379 total acres in Clark County, Arkansas, near the community of Okolona. This property consisted of a world-class private ski lake, exceptional hunting and fishing, with numerous other lakes, homes, shops and various other onsite improvements. We represented both the buyer and seller in this transaction.

2014 Success Stories

Hollywood Plantation

This 2,500-acre property is located in Desha and Drew counties, Arkansas, located near the community of Winchester. This property had been in the same family ownership for over 100 years. The property consisted of investment grade farmland, old growth cypress brakes, and conservation reserve program acres. We represented both the buyer and seller in this transaction.

Pinchback Heir Timberlands

This property is over 9,000 acres located in Jefferson, Grant, Lincoln, Cleveland, Dallas, and Calhoun counties, Arkansas. These lands were sold via sealed bid. The parcels were offered on a per county basis, and totaled over 40 transactions. We represented the sellers.

Prairie Wings

This property features 1,650 total acres located in Jefferson County, Arkansas, including 1,130 acres of impounded mature hardwood timber, 464 acres in cultivated rice and soybean fields, and 56 acres in lodge, equipment sites, roads, etc. This club’s history dates back to 1948 and is arguably one of the best private duck hunting clubs in the world, with records showing an average success of over 2,500 harvested ducks per year. We represented both the buyer and seller in this transaction. Subsequent to this purchase, we further represented the seller in the transaction that included the southern 560 acres and lodge.

2013 Success Stories

Adolph Thomas Farm

This 2,856 acre property is located in Prairie County, Arkansas. This is one of the most famous duck hunting farms on the Grand Prairie, offering green timber hunting as well as one of the largest man-made reservoirs in Arkansas being over 700 acres in size. We represented the buyer in this transaction.

Kuper Farms

This 13,000 acre property is located in the Texas Panhandle. The property offered an agricultural investment opportunity, historically farmed in a wheat and soybean rotation. We represented the seller in this transaction.

Shull Family Farms

These farms total over 700 acres and are located in Lonoke County, Arkansas. The property was offered in two separate tracts, and sold to two different buyers. The farms had historically been farmed in a soybean and rice rotation. We represented both the buyers and seller in these transactions.

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